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About this website


The aim of this website is simply to provide accurate information about Auditory Processing Disorder/APD and links to support for living with this disabling condition. It is for anyone who has APD or suspects it, wants information on this subject, wants to support those who have APD, or simply learn more about it. 

Although based in the UK, this website provides information relevant to all because APD is a global condition. The only difference will be the focus on UK legislation.  Also, APD is for life. It can be hereditary, congenital, or can affect anyone at any age. There is currently no effective treatment or cure.

APD facts, tips, and events are available every week on our social media pages and on our Facebook page. Our social media links and email address are available at the bottom of each page). Please share them to spread APD awareness and help us to shine a light on this invisible disability. so that everyone affected can get the support that they need.

All the documents and presentations on this website are free to read, download, and share, which also helps to raise awareness of APD.


Alyson Mountjoy, Founder and Chair, APD Support UK.

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APD Support UK

Mission Statement

As an unincorporated association of like-minded individuals, our aim is to provide support and advice on the unique nature of APD, and promote:

  • awareness and recognition of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) as a disability throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond;

  • standardised UK-wide specialist, multi-discipline APD testing for individuals of all ages;

  • standardised UK-wide training for education, medical and other professionals and organisations in the recognition, diagnosis and support of individuals with APD of all ages;

  • wider research into APD, and;

  • provision of lifelong, tailored support in education, work and all aspects of life for individuals with APD of all ages, to accommodate their unique APD profile and any/all other co-morbid conditions and their level of disability.


Website content

Please use the links at the top of the page or below to navigate the website

About APD

Here you will find accurate APD-related information,  how to identify APD, frequently asked questions, and facts that dispel the myths surrounding this condition.


This page explains about testing and where to get an accurate UK diagnosis. It also contains the appropriate referral process for medical professionals, and the correct pathway for education professionals so that they can signpost parents to appropriate testing.


This page provides information on how APD affects learning at all ages, also learning support strategies. Also, relevant presentations.


Here you will find information about how APD affects people in the workplace, along with support ideas.

Get involved

What you can do to further APD recognition and support in the UK for the benefit of those affected and their families, with letter templates provided to help you. Request will also be posted here for volunteers needed for APD-related research projects.


This page contains a variety of links related to APD, other conditions, advocacy, disability benefits and support, home education etc Also, a list of APD-friendly charities and voluntary organisations, ones that know about APD and are happy to promote it. Please contact us if you run a charity or voluntary organisation and want to be added.




The orange boxes below, and at the bottom of each page, also take you to information on APD-related books for children parents, adults and professionals; also blogs and articles we have been asked to write by other organisations to explain APD. There is also a section with a link to our newsletters, APD badges and alert cards, the Hidden Disabilities "Sunflower" cards for APD and our collected APD presentations for parents, adults with APD, and professionals. These pages can also be accessed via the dropdown menu under the "Home" page link at the top of each page.


  • Any information provided via this website, the Facebook groups, and handouts is based on over 20 years of experience, interactions and research, gained while supporting parents of children with APD and adults with APD.

  • This website and content are not intended to provide medical or legal advice, and they should not be taken as such. We just signpost readers to appropriate providers of APD testing, provide information and support for individuals and families affected by APD, and quote readily available legislation already in the public domain, to inform people with APD of their rights.

  • Readers are free to make up their own minds, use any recommendations as they see fit, and seek medical or legal advice as they feel appropriate.

  • Recommended testing providers are available on the "Diagnosis" page. Parents and adults with APD are free to choose where they seek diagnosis, but be aware that only a consultant in audiovestibular medicine or  an audiologist with specialism in APD (NHS or private) using specialist tests is qualified to say for certain whether APD is present or not, via full testing not just screening. Anything else is mere speculation. 

  • The website content was written by Alyson Mountjoy, © all rights reserved.

  • All images used on this website are used in good faith as copyright-free.

  • The APD Support UK logo was designed by Ni-Shou Tran.

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