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The Listener" newsletter is produced by the voluntary organisation APD Support UK. We aim to keep you up to date with our progress in promoting the condition Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) both in the UK and internationally as we continue providing support to families and individuals affected by APD. This will include updates on our participation in research, and our fight for more specialist testing centres as well as support in education and at work, plus articles on other topics around living with APD/other conditions. We also aim to share lived stories and other contributions to show how APD affects people in everyday life with tips and access to further APD information, accurate diagnosis, and support. We also have bespoke articles by professionals and other disability charities and organisations (because APD never exists in isolation).

APD is a neurological condition that affects how the brain processes sound including speech. You can be born with APD, or develop it at any age. Because it affects communication, it affects all aspects of life.  Further information and support can be found on our APD Support UK website here.

In order to make this a regular feature, we need your support and participation. We are based in the UK, with information on UK legislation and processes, but we also welcome contributions from international readers because APD is a global disability. Wherever you live, just email us with any content or queries, or to share your APD journey.

You can download "The Listener" from our Newsletters page. There is also a link at the top of this page.Please share the newsletters to help promote APD awareness, understanding and acceptance. We will be doing so too, on our website, on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, and Facebook page. 

​Alyson Mountjoy, Chair APD Support UK and Copy Editor

Anna Williams, Vice-Chair APD Support UK, Media Liaison and Graphics Editor

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If you suspect that you or your child might have APD,

please read this factsheet.


These are our main aims
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We provide access to accurate information about APD and aim to dispel the myths that surround this little-known yet widespread "invisible disability." We do this by sharing information on a variety of topics on our website and Facebook page, and via our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Pease share them.

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We provide practical, everyday strategies for the challenges that APD raises for all ages: in education, at work, throughout life, while also considering the reciprocal effects of all the other conditions that can co-exist. We also provide support groups on Facebook which you can access via the "Support" page of the APD Support UK website and online text-based chats for our group members. We are listening.

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Our small team of Trustees are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to raise APD awareness. We are dedicated to addressing the low number of UK testing centres that provide an accurate diagnosis and improving knowledge of APD among educators and employers to encourage APD support. To help, please visit the "Getting involved." page of the website.

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